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Safen is an app for Apples IOS operating system for iphone, ipod and ipad. It allows you to encode messages and send them via email or post to twitter and facebook. It doesn't use a traditional algorithm and has no information about the key or information that would be useful in decoding it is transmitted with the message.
         The only way to decode a message is with the app and the key it was generated with, and as there are over 200 000 000 000 possible keys combined with the fact that you are looking for language not just a pass or fail mean that it has got to be one of the most secure ways to send messages, pin numbers etc.
         Just updated to make it even more secure with the addition of the unique phrase, meaning, even with the key, you can not decode the messages without the phrase the user chooses to enter.
          Get it now: Safen

O Snap

O Snap is a frenetic object based version of the card classic snap. Instead of cards it uses the camera function on the device to capture the object to be 'snapped' which means you are only limited by your imagination and the five seconds you have to snap your object.
Get it now: O Snap

Age Verify

Age Verify is a simple app to let you check target ages against birthdates with a log function. It is intended to be for repeated entry and therefore has the numerical buttons on the screen at all times so there is no delay with bringing up the keyboard and the notifications are very easy to see with a bright red fail and bright green pass screen.
          Just completely rewritten to optimise code and to include email log facility, while also removing unnecessary steps, so as to speed up repeated entries.
          Get it now: Age Verify

RPG Heavy Industries

Utilising the skills and experience gained in a wide variety of industries from scada and bms to exhibition print and installation, to design and build websites and mobile application solutions.

Work In Progress

Making Age Verify and Safen for Android
Status: testing

Re-writing O Snap using Corona SDK for IOS and Android
Status: overview

BMW e46 canbus solution
Status: solution worked out, gathering info to build

RPG Heavy Industries